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ZEPHYRUS Magneto - automatic extraction of DNA and RNA

ZEPHYRUS® Magneto represents high quality sample preparation instrument based on proven magnetic particle separation technology.

ZEPHYRUS® Magneto use metal rods for magnetic separation that are magnetised by an external magnet. To enable the often complicated re-suspension step of once separated magnetic particle pellets e.g. in wash or elution buffers, the magnet can be switched off. Re-suspension is then realized by rotation of the rods guaranteeing the efficient, complete and smooth re-suspension of the bead pellet. Due to this solution this step becomes quick and thorough, resulting in isolation products with both high yields and purities respectively.


  • 1 – 12 samples per run
  • sample sizes up to 1000 µl
  • Magneto kits and protocols for a huge variety of sample materials (Body Fluid, Blood, Tissue, Serum/Plasma, Swabs)
  • certified according to Annex 3 of the EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC
  • integrated buffer dispensing revolutionary resuspension technology
  • standard plastic devices
  • touch panel software
  • USB slot for data transfer