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New generation of PCR workstation for DNA laboratories

  • It becomes you that you come to the PCR workstation and you will find it not decontaminated?
  • Do you not have enough space for sufficient movement and for all stands and tips in the PCR workstation?
  • Is plexiglass part of your PCR workstation destroyed by UV light faster than you would like?
  • You always have to buy a whole new unit of PCR workstation because of damaged plexiglass part?


ZEPHYRUS® PCR Box Harmony can solve all these problems. We have developed a new generation of PCR workstation in the cooperation with leading technologists. Our new PCR workstation will always pleasantly surprise you.

  • Decontamination is programmable via the control unit that works fully automatically for exactly specified time. ZEPHYRUS® PCR Box Harmony achieves a very efficient usage of germicidal UV lights that extend the plexiglass life
  • Sophisticated opening cover of the PCR workstation brings several advantages. The mobility of the arms in the box is much higher; the samples are better protected against DNA contamination.
  • Variability and new construction allow you to make easy replacement of the plexiglass part of PCR workstation at the end of its life. Plexiglass box without control unit is substantially cheaper and can be ordered separately.
  • The control unit monitors the status of the decontamination, lamp life and manages safety of laboratory staff.

Benefits ZEPHYRUS® PCR Box Harmony:

  • greater mobility of the arms in the box,
  • automatic and programmable UV light decontamination,
  • enough space for pipettes and plastic in the PCR workstation,
  • security sensors to turn off the UV light when you open the cover,
  • special plexiglass for safe work with UV light,
  • modern design and usage of new technologies,
  • 2 UV lamps and one white light,
  • replaceable plexiglass box at the end of its life (control unit can be easily and quickly connected to new plexiglass box).
Name:ZEPHYRUS PCR Box Harmony (PCR workstation)
Standards Features
Style of box: Bench top
Construction: Special plexiglass to prevent the passage of UV light into the room
UV Light: Two UV lights (each 20 W, 0,9 A)
Other Features: Automatic decontamination by UV lights
Optional Features
Electric Outlet:
On request
  • Plexiglass box - (Ref.: H-PCR-601)
  • Floor of the box - (Ref.: H-PCR-602)
  • Germicid UV light - (Ref.: H-PCR-603)
  • Light (white) - (Ref.: H-PCR-604)
  • Light (yellow) - (Ref.: H-PCR-605)
  • HEPA filtr with airflow (we are preparing)
Box size (mm)
External height x width x depth (open box)
760 x 668 x 670 mm
External height x width x depth (close box)
630 x 668 x 670 mm
Work zone (height  x width x depth)
580 x 580 x 520 mm
Volts 230 V
Amp 0,3 A
Shipping Weight: 28 kg
Net Weight: 25 kg